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Time is the most valuable thing a man can spend. So, why waste it standing in long lines when you can pay someone to do it for you? In the struggle for work-life balance taking smart shortcuts is highly essential.

By using the Spotblaze app, you can gain back hours by eliminating long waits. Spotblaze is the go-to solution for overcoming long lines. Spotblaze is a line skipping app for fast, reliable and express services. Now there’s no need to wait in long lines, so skip the wait time and be ahead in that long line.

With Spotblaze you can request a spot at restaurants, theme parks, federal offices, night clubs or concerts. So skip the wait time and welcome to the front of the line, with Spotblaze.


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Our Mission

Our mission is to save people’s time by giving them express service, so they can do things they love the most.

Our Vision

At Spotblaze, we give opportunities to people to make a better living. As we aim to improve city life by connecting line skippers, sitters, and businesses to save time, earn and work better. We welcome people from all backgrounds who seek the opportunity to help and build a future where everyone can work at their own schedule.

About Spotblaze

Spotblaze connects people to businesses and line sitters to get express service. Spotblaze is the go-to solution for overcoming long lines, as we aim to improve city living by helping people to earn, work and live better.

We know that your best resource is your time, and Spotblaze got you covered by holding a line for you at a Restaurant, Theme park, Federal offices, Night clubs, and Sporting events.

Spotblaze generates new ways for people to earn and work at their own convenience with flexible hours.


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Skip the line wait by hiring a line sitter. Use promo code XYGBP for 20% discount.

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Displays all spots as a line skipper.

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Real-time Tracking

You can see your line sitter contact info to communicate within the app and also track the line sitter’s location in real-time when you are around.


We offer secure payment and manage all payment sources and payouts via Stripe. You will never be charged any hidden fees or additional costs.



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Frequently Asked Questions

Spotblaze connects line sitters and line skippers in real time. It facilitates line skippers to request for a spot and choose a line sitter on the Spotblaze platform.

The cost of the spot is determined by the line skipper, it's based on the Estimated time required for the line sitter to hold a spot in a line. There are no hidden charges. Use promo code XYGBP for 20% discount.

Spotblaze charges 20% on each transaction from a line sitter. There are no hidden fees. For instance, for a spot price of $10 spotblaze will deduct $2 commission.

The estimated wait time is an Estimate for the holding a spot in a line. line sitter can request for more money in lieu of extra 15 minutes over the estimated wait time. However, it's a max of 1hour of minimum state wage.

A line skipper will request for a spot in the desired category. Once the spot is requested, the line sitter can offer to service the spot. The line sitter will be accepted by the line skipper to fulfill the spot. Once the line sitter is approved the spot service is initiated.

You need a latest Spotblaze iOS or Android app with a valid US phone number. The app will prompt for some basic information to be a line sitter or line skipper. Once the information is provided you can either be a line sitter or a line skipper based on your preference.

Spotblaze is currently in United states. With a Spotblaze account, you can find and requets spots 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Once the Spotblaze account is created you are good to go as a line sitter or a line skipper.

You can select “Become a line sitter” at your first login or change the preference by clicking “Become a line sitter” in the left navigation section.

You can select “Become a line skipper” at your first login or change the preference by clicking “Become a line skipper” in the left navigation section.

No, your safety and security are essential to us. So we keep your details confidential, and we will never sell or give it out.

The goal is to provide a spot in a line to a line skipper and save their time. Being professional, courteous and patient are the most important people skills needed.

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Spotblaze is the fastest and easiest way to hold a spot in long line without wasting time. This app will save your spot and will notify you when your time is ready.

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